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Business Technology

Management of systems and working practices

Many companies are investing heavily in the purchase of systems to deal with word-processing, e-mail, spreadsheets, visual presentations and dictation etc.

However, following rollout and basic training, there is very often a void in the expertise of staff in how they are to make the most effective use of the system on their desktop.

We can assist Companies to realise their investment in I.T. and Staff Training as well as reduce the ‘paper mountains’ that can exist in busy departments. By conducting a workplace audit in one or more departments we can analyse where working practices can be improved upon and accelerated, resulting in an enhanced utilisation of working time and a reduction in paper based processes.

Staff will be helped to:

  • Adapt their previously paper based working practices
  • Develop file naming conventions and storage procedures for swift retrieval of data files
  • Make use of the in-depth functions contained within their desktop computer
  • Simplify workflow
  • Set up templates, forms and databases

We can also report on recommended future system enhancements and work with existing training providers to supply bespoke training, if required.

The Service

  • A full workplace audit of departmental procedures and work processes
  • Highlighting of areas where I.T. Investment is not being utilised fully
  • Management report
  • Procedure Manuals where required
  • Assist staff in transferring their work processes onto Organisation’s I.T. Platform
  • Can include all or specific departments
  • Work closely with existing Training providers to develop ‘job specific’ training courses
  • Can include assistance to senior management where required


To improve efficiency using existing systems, resulting in:

  • Enhanced return on I.T. Investment
  • Assistance in addressing user requirements, avoiding further cost wherever possible
  • Convert paper based working practices
  • Speedier data filing and retrieval
  • Tailor different job functions to PC and PC to job functions
  • Improved staff morale
  • Hard copy report and recommendations for future reference

But our Staff have been Trained!

Whilst a significant investment may have been made in training staff how to use their PCs, from experience, this tends to be an overview of functions rather than the use of ‘real’ scenarios in the company’s workplace. Staff can therefore leave a training session without the knowledge and support required in order to adapt their current processes fully.

Each member of staff and each department are different, with different needs and pace for learning. With the best intentions, mass training exercises cannot always cater for the diversity of work processes delegates require.

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Key Benefits

  • No addition to payroll
  • Reasonable outlay in return for enhanced productivity
  • Unique service – Capability to interface between the Business and IT staff
  • Experienced
  • Innovative