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How to help customers


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The following are a small sample of where we have been able to assist our clients.

Sample 1.

Mr X had his own Excel worksheet, lovingly prepared and amended each week as each set of a particular supplier’s statements arrived. This exercise, to allow a breakdown of each area’s spending, took him approximately three hours a week. Mr X had been to the requisite Excel beginners’ course at his place of work and felt it was ‘useful for some things’. We reduced this process down to three minutes a week without reference to one I.T. Member of staff.

How? By having the necessary experience of how standard I.T. Packages work, having an innovative approach, and utilising desktop systems to their full potential.

Sample 2.

Department X had to request answers to accounts queries that had originated all over the UK. After postal dispatch and receipt of answers (despite everyone having e-mail!), they then manually collated these into a ‘Word’ document which was presented to Management each month. We automated the whole process, without the need for any data printouts to or from the offices. Management also had real time statistical data on the status of the reply process and which area produced the most queries.

How? By utilising the full e-mail and template facilities on their desktop PCs.

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